Precision quality
is our promise

Would you like to provide plastic products or components of the highest quality in a stylish design, creative and unique, made locally using cutting-edge techniques and processes? You are in the right place. Allgaier Kunststoffverarbeitung GmbH & Co.KG will provide advice, solutions and generally make all kinds of things possible when it comes to plastic products and the entire development process. Aside from producing creative and innovative solutions, our main aim is to expertly guide you through every step of the process, right from choosing the right plastic, to designing your item and dealing with the process engineering.


We will support you through every step of the development process to make your vision of a production-ready product a reality.

We will support you through every step of the development process to make your vision of a production-ready product a reality. The process starts with the initial idea, moving to the product design, choosing the right plastics, making the necessary tools and then manufacturing, assembling and shipping the goods. 

We use cutting-edge project management techniques, incorporating CAD/CAM and simulations. This means that even before we have made the tools, we can simulate filling and warpage. We can therefore locate potential problems in advance and prevent them, avoiding the need to make expensive retrospective changes.

Manufacturing the optimum product also means carefully selecting the raw material. We will advise you on choosing the most suitable material for your product, taking into account the look, feel, mechanical properties and cost. 

We want to offer our customers the full range of material properties to choose from, so we work with almost all engineering thermoplastics including fibreglass reinforced materials comprising up to 60% flame retardants where necessary.


We will design and develop whatever you need, including making the right tools. This guarantees a smooth collaboration culminating in a high-quality product.

Making tools for injection moulding is one of our core skills. We have made extensive investments to keep our tool shop up to the latest technological standards. Using CAD for tool design alongside cutting-edge processing methods makes for a high-performance tool engineering service.

Using our in-house tool shop also provides maximum flexibility on timing, including through the batch manufacturing stage, and ensures that the moulded parts maintain consistent quality even over long product lifecycles.


Even if your order is somewhat unusual, our well-equipped range of machinery means that we will be able to find the right solution. 

We have many years of experience with a range of specialist processes, making us the ideal choice for demanding jobs. Our primary business is in manufacturing technical parts from plastic, whether in large or small batches. Our processes run automatically and assure the highest standards of quality. A central material drying and conveyor system, state-of-the-art injection moulding machines with automated handling systems and highly motivated, highly trained staff are just some of our strengths in manufacturing.


We are always optimising our production processes and we produce targeted
plans for quality and safety. Add to this our highly trained and motivated staff and the result is DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and DIN EN ISO 50001:2011 certification.

That is your guarantee that we assure consistently high product quality.


As a system supplier, we offer a whole range of services in addition to manufacturing injection moulded items. We offer hot stamping, varnishing, mechanical processing and modular assembly either in house or via our partners.

That is how we provide maximum flexibility for you and your product.


We manage the entire supply chain from procuring the materials and accessories to production and storage and even shipping the final item.

We have capacity for 3,500 pallets in our warehouse, meaning we can provide optimum logistics solutions and permanent availability for your product. Choose from all kinds of logistics plans: just in time, consignment, Kanban and more.